The Fifth Avenue Spa in San Rafael


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Facial"TAKE ME AWAY" FACIAL      60 Minutes $110.00

Take the time to have your facial done in the most complete and luxurious manner posible. This signature facial does more than revitalize your skin - it gives an experience of rejuvenation. Our professional extractions will clear clogged pores. Our attentive massage for your face, shoulder and hands will promote circulation, tone muscles and release tension. You will feel relaxed and your skin will radiate a youthful glow.

GENTLEMAN'S FACIAL                                               60 Minutes $ 110.00

This is our signature facial for our gentlemen's customers. Our masks vigorously clear pores to make way for healthy skin. Our massage for your face, shoulder and hands will promote circulation, tone muscles and release tension - you will be surprised how much more at ease you will feel. Good looks begin with good skin!

HOW ABOUT A FACIAL FOR YOUR BACK?        60 Minutes  $ 90.00

Tension will melt awway. Deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, mask and soothing massage for those hard to reach areas.

EXPRESS FACIAL                                                     30 Minutes  $ 45.00

Includes cleansing, steam, exfoliation and the appropiate mask. This facial does not include extractions. Our Express Facial is the best way to maintain your healthy skin between complete facials.


For top of the line skincare, consider combining a peel with your facial:

PAPAYA ENZYME PEEL                                          40 Minutes  $110.00

This will brighten and nourish your skin. This proteolytic peel is made with fruit enzymes that digests impurities, sebum (excessive oil), dead cells and comedones (black heads).

PUMPKIN PEEL                                                      40 Minutes  $110.00

This will gently exfoliate and hydrate your skin, lightens pigmentation, repairs sun damage, smoothes fine lines, improve clarity, tone and texture.



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